Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Getting the fears out

So, let me introduce you to a little friend of mine. It's a new friend, and I'm just making their acquaintance. It's called the Deviant Moon Tarot.
Depicted here is the Six of Wands (I figured I'd clarify, since the picture is flipped). This is a good example of what this deck looks like, and perhaps explains my original fear of doing a reading with it. It is very dark-feeling... from the colors and from the skewed figures on the cards. Made me feel slightly insane looking at them. Of course, the name of the spread that came with the deck is the Lunatic Spread.
I was asked to do a reading with this deck, so I did, and it turned out better than I expected. I have introduced my energy to this deck, and it has revealed its energy to me, and I think we'll get along just swimmingly with it playing second fiddle to my main deck.
In short, I was scared to work with this deck. I was asked to read using this deck, and I did it. Remember Eleanor Roosevelt's quote: "Do one thing every day that scares you." Your fear is never equivalent to what you experience when you actually get over your fear and just do it! You can surprise yourself!

Friday, January 1, 2010

2010, New Year's blessings, and a very late post

Happy New Year, everyone! I feel that 2010 has something really great in store for all of us. This is a year for communication and connections, even if (and perhaps in spite of) Mercury being in retrograde for the start of it! Mercury in retrograde makes everything wonky, by the way. I'm not really up and up on my astrology, but tarot.com has great articles on everything from tarot to numerology to astrology, especially this article on the effect of mercury retrograde on careers. Mercury in retrograde makes communication go awry or get misconstrued. In spite of that kind of start, I still think this year will bring breakthroughs in communication with people. We'll connect with people on levels that are deep and true, seeing through differences to connect to the core of other people. We'll realize that our differences are few when viewed with our universal similarities. We all have hopes, dreams, unfinished plans, procrastination, and faults we're looking to correct.

So, blessings to everyone that has found their way to my little blog, and blessings to everyone that hasn't. Blessings to my true friends and even people that aren't my friends, because both groups of people teach me lessons I need to learn. Blessings to everyone that I've read for, and blessings to people I haven't read for yet, because I learn a little bit from everyone. I take your journeys with you each and every time you allow me to read for you, and I thank you.

I took a wonderful workshop last year (ha, last year! but it's true, even yesterday was last year!) with Courtney Weber (don't you just love the photo?), professional tarot reader and class act. You can read Courtney's adventures at her blog, agirlcalledwoo. She definitely helped my tarot reading, simply by allowing the entire class permission to throw out the little white book that comes with a tarot deck and asking us to rely on our own interpretations of the cards. She also took us through several exercises that helped develop more of a personal relationship with our decks. This is certainly stuff that I should have been doing long ago when I first started reading tarot. When you do something long enough, you become more involved in the rote of it than with actually *connecting*. It never hurts to go back to basics... it can only help! It makes you look at things in a new light. Never a bad thing in my book!

Onwards and upwards, my fellow spiritual wanderers! Thoughts and comments are most certainly appreciated!