Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Tarot Apprentice, Readers Studio, and the Waiting Begins...

Courtney Weber blogged about me today in connection with Readers Studio. This is my first time at Readers Studio, and I have butterflies in my stomach. It's going to be an amazing event and I am going to be learning much more about tarot than I ever thought possible. This will make me an even better tarot reader, and I can't wait to share the new skills I will be gaining with clients.

In preparation for Readers Studio, I am packing the following to use as my workhorse decks for the conference:
  • Tarot of the Boroughs (available at Readers Studio for purchase and here)
  • Legacy of the Divine Tarot
  • The Llewellyn Tarot
Why three decks? Because I am fickle, and I want to be prepared for that fickleness. I know I'm going to feel that I want to read with a certain deck and if I don't have it on hand, I will drive myself nuts.

In Tarot Apprentice contest news, the final challenge was posted on Monday. Now the waiting for the announcement of the winner begins. I feel a mix of relief, excitement, and nervousness. What if I'm not picked? What if I AM?! Either way, being a contestant on the Tarot Apprentice really pushed me to some of my limits (Read: vulnerabilities) both as a reader and as a potential businesswoman. It also made me aware of some things I say I don't do just because they are scary and difficult. Discomfort from something being new is one thing; that's something I can work through. There's a difference between setting boundaries because you realize that something doesn't work for you versus setting boundaries because you've never tried it. This is something I need to continue in my life, both as a reader and personally.

I will try to post a new blog after this weekend describing the indescribable: Readers Studio!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Tarot Apprentice—Week 2

For the second installment of the Tarot Apprentice contest, go here.

This challenge for me was very tough... creating a tarot spread. I have never created a tarot spread before. Even though I would consider myself a bit of an unconventional soul, I'm like everyone else when it comes to things that scare me; I tend to stick with the familiar when I feel a threat to the status quo. Change is scary! But in this case confronting something that's scary was the only route to go, considering I had two choices: do the challenge, or forfeit the competition. Fear was not an option! Well, maybe fear was an option, but working through that fear won out. It also helped that I was half-coherent since I got a cold on Monday. I wasn't second-guessing myself as much.

I created the Clock Spread. For the spread, a sample reading, and my assessment of it, go to the link posted above. I am the first post. If you use it to do a reading of your own, please leave your thoughts in the comments section. I would love to hear them!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Tarot Apprentice—Will It Be Me?

I am entered in a contest called the Tarot Apprentice. The first challenge of this competition kicked off yesterday. To follow my progress in this contest, go to The Tarot Lady's blog ( For guidelines of the competition, they're here.

Watch for a new adventure each Monday during the month of April. Root for me!