Monday, October 19, 2009

a few thoughts on readings and reversals

First off, I read for several nice people on Friday night at Whimsies, and was glad people came out despite the lousy weather.

It continues to amaze me that tarot really does work. A stranger sits down in front of me, shuffles the cards for a few minutes, and for the span of the reading, I know them; they let me share a little of their hopes, dreams, and plans for the future. And hopefully, when everything goes right, I can tell them a few things and add a little clarity or foresight to their situation.
So, let's try and illuminate a portion of tarot readings that some people get confused about: reversals. These are my thoughts on the subject, but every tarot reader goes about reading the cards differently. If you too read tarot, but don't use my philosophy of reversals, don't worry! Do what works for you!

I do use reversals (upside-down cards) in my readings. When in a relationship position, I interpret a reversed card as a sign of miscommunication within the relationship (just an example). Generally, I interpret upright cards as situations that the querent is in control of, and I interpret reversals as situations that are out of the querent’s hands and therefore shouldn’t stress out about them. I think the basic difference between upright and reversed cards is the intention and motivation behind the situations the cards represent.


  1. hey Hilary :D
    I'm Yue from Buenos Aires, I also read tarot and I liked your blog.
    I also use reversals on my readings... like you, an upright card I think it as to be in control of the situation. The reversals I think of them when the sitation/person is block, of if the meaning of the card is stronger or weeker (depending the situation and the card).
    Nice to hear your opinion :D

  2. Hi! Thanks for reading! Good to know other people aren't scared off by reversals either!