Friday, November 6, 2009

The Deviant Moon Tarot

So, I talked about fear in my last entry. It's time for me to put up or shut up, and use a deck that I was initially going to either return or give away: the Deviant Moon Tarot. Because I saw the images on it, and it scared the crud out of me!

However, it caught my eye again as it sat on my bookshelf, and I decided to read a review of it ( I think I'm only afraid of the images and the deck because I'm afraid to explore the darker side of my psyche. So I'm not going to return it or give it away; I'm going to use the deck because it was bought for me by a friend (the wonderful Karen), and because there is no denying our deeper nature.

I'm not going to use this deck with kids, though! :)

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