Monday, May 3, 2010

The Heart of Faerie Oracle

I figured it was high time that I posted another blog, this time about my newly acquired deck, The Heart of the Faerie Oracle. It's not exactly a traditional tarot deck, but it has beautiful artwork, it is an oracle deck, and I figured it would be of interest to anyone who knows about tarot!

Karen got me this deck for my birthday, and had it signed by Wendy and Brian Froud, creators of the deck. You may have heard of Brian Froud before, he was the artistic director for the movie Labyrinth, and his artwork is centered around the world of faerie. The book is signed, and two of the cards in the deck are signed, too! Therefore, I have finally found my own personal deck to use on myself. I figured I would let people know about it. If you have a love of the faerie realms, then you definitely want to pick up a copy of either the Faerie Oracle, or The Heart of Faerie Oracle (which focuses on relationships).

One of my favorite parts of this deck is there are "wild cards" in the deck, with no name, explanation, or interpretation to look up within the book. The interpretation must come from the person looking at the card alone. I love the idea of this. Think about how many "wild cards" come up within our own lives out of nowhere. I think a measure of what's in someone's soul is how they deal with surprise situations. I think wild cards within a relationship deck is completely appropriate!

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