Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Choosing the Right Reader for You

There’s one thing I am learning in abundance lately. There are A LOT of talented tarot readers out there. I surf the Internet and I have a whole bunch of stuff to read from readers across the country (if not the world). Ten years from now, the growth of tarot readers will explode exponentially as new people discover the power of tarot for themselves.

My hope is that every client I read for feels the spark of their own intuition igniting, and they pick up their own deck of tarot cards. After all, sometimes your neighborhood friendly tarot reader isn’t available to give you a reading… what do you do then: hold your head in your hands and cry? Wait to make a crucial decision based on someone else’s wisdom and card-reading instead of your own? Most of the time we have all the answers we need right inside ourselves.

Even if you never pick up your own deck of tarot cards, there still might be an interest to get a reading. How do you choose the reader that’s right for you?

Go into choosing a reader with these questions in mind:

  1. What is the purpose of my reading?
    If you want to be entertained, go for the more theatrical types. If you need a question answered that is emotionally charged, find someone that is down-to-earth and grounded, but able to deliver the message with sensitivity.
  2. Which of your friends gives you good advice? What are they like?
    You might be best served thinking about the kind of people you hang out with, and choose qualities in those that give the best advice. Then look for those qualities in a tarot reader. After all, tarot readers usually serve the same role as your friends: we can be sounding boards for your ideas, but the use of tarot cards adds an extra dimension to that advice.
  3. Opposites sometimes attract… what are the qualities of someone that is a polar opposite of you? Sometimes it is very hard to get an objective opinion; it’s even harder with someone that thinks in the same way as you. Consider hiring a tarot reader that is a complete opposite of you to read for you. You’d be surprised at how much insight into a situation you’ll receive from a person who thinks in a completely different way. Add tarot to that, and you might have the best reading ever!

What other questions do you ask yourself when looking for a tarot reader? Post them in the Comments section!


  1. I've learned so much about what makes a good reading by becoming a reader myself. Before I learned about tarot, I had a reading done where the reader told me exactly what the cards meant. In fact, she never had me look at the cards, asked me for my opinion on the matter and just gave advice. It was helpful but also frustrating and disempowering because I didn't feel validated for my own intuitive knowledge on the subject. The few readings I've done as a new reader, I've asked my "clients" what they think and feel about the cards first before I go into my analysis. I've found my "clients" are pretty darn good at relating the cards to their own personal experience without my help, thank you very much! :-)

  2. Sara: "In fact, she never had me look at the cards, asked me for my opinion on the matter and just gave advice." What a shame! I'm of the opinion that our clients are just as intuitive as we can be, and won't know it unless we engage them by looking at their cards and telling us what symbols stand out to them.

    It's wonderful that you include your clients in the reading process... everyone needs to feel validated, and you validate your clients by providing an interactive reading. After all, it's the client's life... it doesn't make sense for them to NOT have a say in what the cards mean to them! Thanks so much for sharing!