Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Tarot Apprentice Speaks (Part 1 of ?)

Gee, I wonder what Marcus Katz said to me in this picture to make me react this way?

I AM the Tarot Apprentice! I am amazed and humbled that I was chosen among such a field of crazy-awesome tarot people. And you all need to keep in touch!

Readers Studio was this weekend, and the first I’ve ever attended. I never expected something like this to exist, but it does! Such a wonderful support system of tarot people; I feel completely changed in a good way by everything that happened and everyone I spoke with.

So, the theme of this weekend was torture leading to self-actualization. Yes, you heard me right. Threats from Courtney and Theresa to make me read for Ciro Marchetti using the Legacy of the Divine deck lead to me saying, “You are sick. You are sick, sick women.” Further threats included the following:
  • to have me read for Marcus Katz;
  • to have me teach Barbara Moore’s master class on creating tarot spreads;
  • and finally, the one that really happened: me being partnered with Theresa for the Foundation Reading.

Okay, let me break it down for y’all: the Foundation Reading is done at the start of Readers Studio. You partner with someone and exchange readings the best way you know how at the time. Whatever spread you want; whatever you deem appropriate. You take notes on everything: what cards come out where, and everything that’s said. Why? Because you come back to the same person at the END of Readers Studio and revisit the Foundation Reading, applying all of the information you absorbed over the course of the weekend. It’s pretty cool, and boy, did it WORK! Back to the scary part.

So, all of these threats flung at me were very tongue-in-cheek and playful… but then Theresa turned to me and said, “You’re my partner for the Foundation Reading.” Yeah, she wasn’t going to take No for an answer. And I had a feeling this was going to happen, because out of all the tables to sit at, she went out of her way to end up sitting next to me. Apprentice contestants who have been through the fires of the four challenges, let me just say this: the notches were dialed up to 11. So I sucked it up and I dealt with it. And yes, I read for her first (yes, she gave me the choice!).

More tomorrow... because it was a weekend full of stories to tell!